Client Testimonials

Myofascial Release Massage

A selection of testimonials from some of my wonderful clients.

Jade Barker – Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

Due to participating in Martial Arts from a very young age, I had developed a very sore lower back. This affected my work and I was in a lot of pain each day and following training sessions.

I was recommended to Gill by a work colleague and since seeing her my back feels great! I no longer have these pains following treatment, and Gill gave me some stretches to help my on going recovery.

Luke Killick – Plasterer (Strongman Weight Lifter)

Gillian is absolutely awesome at what she does! I’ve had numerous sessions with Gillian to sort out my shoulders, and after every session I know it’s been money well spent.

I have nothing but good things to say about Gillian, and would recommend to anyone that’s in need of a good sort out! Thanks for everything!!

Allan Smith – Photographer

Thanks for my initial treatment. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed and you explained what you were doing, and what I needed to do to help myself.

Very professional and friendly.

James Pennington – Professional MMA Fighter

I have been going to Gillian for about a year now. She was recommended to me by my Coach as I had a few muscle injuries that wouldn’t go away until Gillian sorted them out. Now I try and go to her every week for prevention and maintenance treatment.

I have had a lot of Sports Massages in the past from other practitioners, but I regard Gillian as the best I’ve had.

Stuart Roberts – Recruitment Consultant

I have suffered severe pain in my shoulder for many years and have undergone many physio sessions, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, scans and everything to try and help with the crippling pain.

GLSport was recommended by a few of the professional fighters from GYM01. The Consultation was thorough and very professional, the surroundings very relaxing and hygienic and the service professional and personal. After 1 session I was able to lift things and move my shoulder.

I am able to sleep again which ONE session has helped me achieve where years of “other” potential remedies have failed! Gill truly has healing hands and I urge you to give her a try, you will not be disappointed.

Warwick Luke – Pensioner

GLSport was recommended to me by a friend as I was experiencing sciatica pains in my legs and lower back and had to wait 3 weeks before I could see an NHS Physiotherapist. I found Gill both professional and very friendly putting me at ease immediately. She said she could help relieve the symptoms until my appointment at the hospital.

Her treatment was relaxing and she explained everything she was doing whilst working within my pain threshold. It definitely helped ease the symptoms allowing me to get about easier.

Roki Sharp – Royal Navy/Cyclist/Weightlifter

Having played sport and trained reasonably hard for most my life, I have picked up my fair share of knocks and the ensuring strains, sprains, aches and pains. I have in the past used many massage therapists of varying reputes, experience and expertise, but have been disappointed with the results and lack of understanding.

Gill is the only therapist that has successfully managed to ease my problems and explain the how’s and why’s to me. I can definitely recommend her!

Lizzie Humphries-Powling – Police Controller

Gill has been amazing! I initially went to see her for a calf injury, and after only a couple of, albeit, painful sessions, she has massaged them out. I’ve not had any problems since and can now run without fear of them cramping up.

She has also helped me with a shoulder issue brought on by my desk job. With treatment and adjustments to my workstation these issues are now rectified.

Paul Groom – Firefighter

I found Gill to be very professional and knowledgeable. She was most accommodating with regards to booking appointments and offers a range of times to suit any schedule. The treatment room is very relaxing and welcoming.

The treatments I receive are to the level I’d expect from an advanced professional therapist such as Gill.

Brian Adams – Director of Gym01

GLSport was recommended to me by a friend after suffering 2 years of neck problems. I presumed the issue could not be fixed but within two sessions my neck was 100%, I really wish I`d seen her sooner.

Ever since then I`ve had regular sessions and to date I`ve never felt so fit and healthy.

Gill works with many of the athletes at Gym01 in Portsmouth and this has really benefited the whole team.

Paul Ray – Radiotherapy Machine Engineer

Having never been for a Sports Massage before, I was a little apprehensive about visiting Gill even though she had come recommended by a friend.

I found Gill extremely professional and friendly. The results of her treatment really surprised me, the annoying pain I had in my knee virtually disappeared straight away. I will definitely be using her services again and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with aches and pains.

Ann Roberts – Dog Walker

I know Gill as a regular dog walker on Portsdown Hill. One day I was in particular pain in my lower back and asked Gill’s advice. I’m 72 and have never had sports massage done before. I wouldn’t even have considered it, until Gillian said it is suitable for EVERYONE!

Although it was my back hurting, the problem was apparently in my legs. I had very good results following that first treatment and now go to Gillian once a month to keep my muscles nice and relaxed. I really look forward to my treatments and think she is very reasonably priced!

Chris Parry – Office Clerk

I went to see Gill on recommendation, because of a reoccurring hamstring injury. Before treatment she checked my posture and alignment to try and understand my particular injury. During the treatment I felt very relaxed due to the lovely surroundings and having each step explained to me.

I have been back to see Gill on many occasions, thankfully not for my hamstring. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Mark – Age 15

My mum took me to see Gill after the Physio said sports massage would help my Osgood Schlatters syndrome. I was having pains in my knees and lower back and it did certainly help with these problems.

Minhaz Uddin – Teacher

Service with a smile always. Ankle sorted after one session of treatment and given future advice. Highly recommend!!

Sarah Serjent – Sales Administrator

I had a car accident several years ago and I have been having trouble ever since with my neck and back. A friend recommended GLSport to me and I went along for a consultation and treatment. WOW!!! I can honestly say I felt better than I have in years.

I go back to see Gill for prevention/maintenance massages now and would highly recommend her.

Jim Stone – Fire Fighter

I took a bit of a tumble at work and managed to injure my lower back, left shoulder/neck and right wrist. On a recommendation from a close friend I arranged to visit Gill at GLSport.

Gill spent over an hour working on my injuries explaining clearly what she was doing, each injury requiring different types of treatment. I started to feel better within 24/48 hours. The wrist took longer, but I believe Gills treatment sped up the recovery.

I would highly recommend you contact Gill, she provides a very professional service in a comfortable environment.

Gareth Millar – Mixed Martial Artist

I developed a neck injury in the lead up to my fourth MMA fight. I was recommended to go see Gill at GLSport as a number of the guys from GYM01 where I train had been clients of hers.

 Gill did a thorough initial investigation into my symptoms, resulting in a series of stretches (including diagrams) as well as an excellent massage therapy. I feel lucky to be able to call Gill to book appointments and trust here professional approach.

Rob O’Kane – Hockey Player

I have been seeing Gill to sort out my ageing body after her being recommended by several players at the hockey club at which I play. I cannot thank nor praise Gill enough she has reduced by recovery time from injury massively and helped keep this body in shape to still be able to play competitive hockey at nearly 50 years of age.

Your First Visit

A complete consultation is performed on your first appointment. This comprises a medical history and a postural assessment. It may involve you standing for a short time in your gym shorts (and bra or sports bra for ladies), or laying on the couch whilst I take myoskeletal measurements. This is an important part of your treatment. I use this to detect problems you may not be aware of and to form the basis of all treatment and aftercare plans I develop for you.

pre-massage consultation

1. Consultation

postural assessment

2. Postural Assessment

massage treatments

3. Treatment

postural assessment

4. Aftercare Plan