ScarWork – Scar Tissue Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release Massage

Scar Tissue develops in the connective tissue known as the fascia. Scar tissue develops after any type of injury sustained by the body. This can occur daily through work or exercise, or develops after medical procedures like surgery. Scar tissue can cause all types of issues, including:

– Lingering chronic nerve dysfunction (numbness, cold sensation, extra sensitivity to touch, odd sensations like electric, burning, wet)

– Reduced range of movement

– Headaches

– Back pain

– Shoulder pain

– Postural misalignment

– Anxiety around trauma

– Tightness around scar

– Anxiety held around surgical procedure

All scars are unique in their shape, density, placement and their subsequent knock on effect for other parts of your body.  ScarWork massage techniques aim to relieve issues that have developed as a result of scar tissue formation. Patients have reported improvements to be permanent providing a better quality of life experience.

scarwork scar tissue massage therapy

The Problem

Aversion to scars is very common as is being dismissive to their effects on the body. It is often assumed that once a scar has healed that it won’t cause any further problems.  But working on a scar whether new or old can contribute significantly to a whole body release, resulting in improved mobility, pain reduction and emotional release if any is attached.

The immediate experience most people have with scar tissue is short to medium term pain after a sporting injury or medical procedure. Long term, scar tissue develops to cause further issues to the immediately affected area (reoccurring injury, stress related issues, headaches, previously inexperienced nerve sensations) and to connected parts of the body. For example, an injury on one side of your body can cause issues on the opposite side because of how scar tissue adjusts the fascia.

My own experience is of a 40-year-old scar from a dog bite on my arm, freed the stiffness and pain in my left ankle once the scar was worked on.

Chronic nerve dysfunction is usually resolved. Numbness, extra sensitivity to touch, cold or electric burning sensations start to resolve within the session. Sometimes the nerve will continue to improve after the session.
It is never too soon or too late to work on a scar. If the scar is not open, inflamed, weeping or red it can be worked on once stitches or staples are removed. Pains that arise elsewhere in the body can also be released.

scarwork scar tissue massage therapy

Treatment Recommendations

It is usually recommended to have three 90-minute sessions for a large scar (i.e., knee, hip replacement, or caesarean) carried out over a period of 3 months (four weeks apart). Smaller scars may only need one session. During your consultation I should be able to give you a better idea.

Unresolved history and emotional release often become conscious around scar release, this is all part of the recovery and very normal. This can also be discussed at the time to make you feel more comfortable.

scarwork scar tissue massage therapy

ScarWork – Scar Tissue Massage Therapy Appointments

Your First Visit – ScarWork Massage Therapy

A complete consultation is performed on your first appointment. This comprises a medical history and a postural assessment. It may involve you standing for a short time in your gym shorts (and bra or sports bra for ladies), or laying on the couch whilst I take myoskeletal measurements. This is an important part of your treatment. I use this to detect problems as every scar is unique and can cause issues you may not be aware of. This will form the basis of the treatment and aftercare plans I develop for you.

pre-massage consultation

1. Consultation

postural assessment

2. Postural Assessment

massage treatments

3. Treatment

postural assessment

4. Aftercare Plan